I was cleaning out my desk about a year ago and stumbled across this old 256mb Compact Flash card.  Twirling it in my fingers, I vividly remembered the day almost ten years ago when I had bought it.  I remembered being shocked at how expensive it was, and being absolutely certain that there was no way I could ever fill such a "high-capacity" card.  Fast-forward.  Useless in today's 36 megapixel cameras, this dinosaur can do little else than shim a wobbly table leg...or possibly inspire a personal photography project.

I got to wondering what would happen if I mailed a memory card to a photographer with a set of very simple instructions-- take one shot and send it to the next shooter on the list.  No theme.  No guidelines.  Just make it count.  Be memorable.  Be inspired.  Capture and define a moment in time.

And so the Gypsy Pixel Tour was born.  It started with a test run of ten photographers across the United States.  Pros, amateurs, and hobbyists.  What could possibly go wrong?  Potentially everything, thankfully nothing.

So far, the package of photographic awesomeness has been to New Orleans, Texas, Seattle (twice), Virginia, Boston, Illinois, Cleveland, Detroit, Canada, Montana, Portland, San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv, Melbourne, and right here in Atlanta.  It's been around the world-- crossing borders, time zones, climates, cultures, and the Equator.

The package will be back in the mail soon, heading for parts as-yet-unknown.  Interested in being a stop on the tour and contributing your own unique vision to the project?  Use the "Contact" link or click here for more information.