Digital Photo Challenges originated in 2011 as an introductory photography class for kids.  It has since evolved into live introductory and intermediate classes, workshops, and private lessons, as well as an on-line independent study program.  Geared towards young photographers (ages 9-18), Digital Photo Challenges is an in-depth exploration of the building blocks of photography.  Topics include the elements of exposure, composition, lighting, portraits, photo essays, and more.  Kids learn the concepts through the use of original classroom materials, as well as teacher demonstrations and self-guided photo assignments.  In addition to the core ideas, students are also encouraged to tap into their creative sides through a series of themed photo challenges aimed at increasing their view of the world around them.

Recognizing the power and importance of photographic education, many of my favorite photographers and photography companies have generously donated products and resources-- teaching tools for me, as well as prizes and incentives for my students.  I could absolutely teach this class without their assistance, but teaching it with their assistance is so much more fun.  You can help me thank them by visiting their websites and social media outlets.

In no particular order...  Think Tank Photo, Black Rapid, Joe McNally, DIY Photography, Showcase Photo & Video, Enlight Photo, Alpine Innovations, Tenba, LensProToGo, ExpoImaging, Hoodman USA, Clickin Moms, LensPen, Lumiquest, Nations Photo Lab, Nasty Clamps, Lensbaby, Nice Industries, Photojojo, onOne Software, Peak Design, and

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